Claire Henry is a gifted interpretation specialist, ensuring an audience focus and that strategic objectives of the project are met.  She excels in working with stakeholders to encapsulate good thinking and apply that to create a compelling visitor journey.

Mike Sarna, Director Collections and Public Engagement, Royal Museums Greenwich

We worked with Claire at Barker Langham on the development of a new desert park and visitor centre in Abu Dhabi. Her audience analysis, creative interpretation planning and content research were invaluable in helping us to develop our ideas for the park and building design and plan the visitor experience.

Neil Porter, Founding Partner, Gustafson Porter Landscape Architects

I worked with Claire developing plans for a major new permanent gallery at the Natural History Museum, Humans in the Natural World. Claire did a great job of ensuring that the complex scientific content was reflected accurately in the designs, while remaining interesting and accessible for the diverse audience we have at the museum

Prof Chris Stringer, Research Leader in Human Origins, Natural History Museum

Claire commissioned Atacama to create a film ‘The Art of the Mannage’ for permanent installation at Bolsover Castle. She was meticulous in ensuring that the entire production process was as simple as possible for us, making sure that we knew when the Riding School would be available for filming and ensuring that all staff at English Heritage knew what to expect when we turned up with horses, riders and film crew. She helped during the script development, guiding our thought processes with great skill, helpfulness and tact and attended the shoot to make sure we got all of the shots that we needed to tell the story in the way that English Heritage required. She also oversaw the entire editing process from rough cut to fine cut and attended the voice over recording at Aquarium Studios. Finally, she helped in the design of a suitable housing for the AV hardware to ensure that the technical installation was in keeping with the historic setting. Claire has a natural understanding for communicating a complex story through film in a succinct and effective manner and was a complete joy to work with from start to finish.

James Hawkes, Creative Director, Atacama