A curious mind, independent perspective, varied experience and a tailored, personal service.

Drawing onĀ almost two decades of varied experience, I bring a fresh perspective, a creative approach, insatiable curiosity and a genuine passion for heritage and culture.

Having worked with a range of world-class organisations, national museums and small, independent culture and heritage sites, and with a background in cultural strategy and funding, I can provide a bespoke service and set of skills for projects of all sizes.

My experience includes content development, design briefing, interpretation, research, writing, strategic planning, audience development and business planning.

Creating engaging, exciting, accessible and sustainable projects that inspire audiences, and meet the needs of a range of stakeholders with different requirements, from funders and sponsors to subject experts and approval boards.

I am based in Central London, with an extensive network of contacts across the UK and abroad. I can work independently or put together a tailored team to deliver you needs.

Please get in touch if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

Services include:

Interpretation Planning

Fostering creative, collaborative and close working relationships to deliver exceptional museums and exhibitions:

Extensive experience in managing all aspects of the interpretation planning process, content research, supporting evaluation, recruiting, briefing and managing designers to ensure the ethos and interpretive objectives of the project are delivered.

Project Management

For exhibition development, strategic planning and business planning:

Bringing a deep understanding of the unique character, ethos and brand of an organisation and the different roles of the team, and managing projects responsively to ensure they are delivered on time and on budget while allowing the creative potential to flourish.

Strategic Planning

Supporting clients in establishing or reviewing existing plans in need of a clear narrative direction to meet the needs of organisations, audiences and stakeholders:

Working with experts including economists, learning specialists, curators, designers and architects to develop plans that are achievable, sustainable and unique to each organisation, delivering clearly defined goals.


Working swiftly and accurately, ensuring the correct tone and being mindful of the editorial and approval process and schedule:

Experienced in writing for a range of media, including exhibition scripts, research papers, strategy documents, marketing copy and interpretive text for interactive exhibits and print. Prioritising brevity, accuracy and a good, clear, engaging and interesting story.